AWN Errata

I have to thank Lisabeth van Gool from the Antwerp Wake group for compiling the majority of this list of errata for A Wake Newslitter. The list below contains two tables. One for 'Errors in the Original [printed] Edition' and the other for 'Errors in the Electronic Edition'.

If anyone has any further errata to add please email

Errors in Original Edition

VII661 'Podatus' article Blushshould beBlish3 occurances
VII687 line 6 from bottom of pageFeenicht'sshould beFeenichts
VII687 line 2 from bottom of pagefeteshould be fête
VIII219 line 16(151.21)should be(151.11)
VIII451 line 10betwenshould bebetween
VIII454 line 7 from bottom of page416.02 bultshould be416.03 bult
VIII458 line 30534.04should be534.03
VIII459 lines 21-23548.06
should be548.07
VIII459 lines 24-28550.12
should be550.13
VIII459 lines 30-34551.06
should be551.07
VIII459 line 35552.24should be552.25
VIII578 line 2 of article 'Another Book at the Wake'forevershould befor ever
VIII692 line 9 from bottom of page63.31should be63.35
IX223 B.12 line 8III,3 [3]should beIII.3 [3]
IX228 B.29 last lineFW 547.18should beFW 547.19
IX452 - FW 13.09mujicalshould bemujikal
IX453 - FW 40.11Katyashould bekatya
IX453 - FW 64.06Byeloshould bebyelo
IX454 - FW 88.36you battshould beyou butt
IX454 - FW 88.36yubetishould beYubeti
IX458 - FW 288.18znikznaksshould beznigznaks
IX458 - FW 290.F6dotshshould beDotsh
IX458 - FW 297.F2ugolshould beUgol
IX458 - FW 297.F2Mi vidim mishould beMi vidim Mi
IX458 - FW 302.18aboleshquickshould beaboleshqvick
IX459 - FW 333.34333.34should be333.32
IX460 - FW 338.19Baltiskeamoreshould bebaltiskeeamore
IX460 - FW 382.22stranaslangshould beStranaslangCapital S and all one word (HTML display limitation)
IX460 - FW 338.32pookshould bePook
IX461 - FW 344.09drobshould bedrobs
IX461 - FW 344.16344.16should be344.14
IX461 - FW 344.16nitshnykopfgobknobshould benitshnykopfgoknob
IX462 - FW 345.02552.26should be552.27
IX462 - FW 345.13merzmandshould beMerzmand
IX462 - FW 348.22plumyumnietsiesshould beplumyumnietcies
IX463 - FW 353.36353.36should be352.36
IX463 - FW 353.22353.22should be353.23
IX464 - FW 411.18mujshould bemuy
IX464 - FW 415.03415.03should be415.04
IX465 - FW 457.11457.11 myshould be457.12 my
IX465 - FW 457.11457.11 onusshould be457.12 onus
IX465 - FW 457.11457.11 yanshould be457.12 yan
IX465 - FW 457.12457.12 tyanshould be457.13 tyan
IX465 - FW 463.32463.32should be464.32
IX465 - FW 492.09415.03should be415.04supplementary reference 415.03
IX465 - FW 498.12498.12should be498.13
IX465 - FW 498.14granddauchtershould begranddaucherall one word (HTML display limitation)
IX466 - FW 502.19502.19should be502.20
IX466 - FW 513.13polkatshould bepolcat
IX466 - FW 531.39531.39should be531.36
IX466 - FW 547.36547.36should be548.01
IX466 - FW 549.23549.23should be549.24
IX466 - FW 551.31551.31should be551.32
IX467 - FW 552.26552.26should be552.27
IX467 - FW 554.09554.09should be554.10
IX467 - FW 564.21Listnethshould beListeneth
IX467 - FW 572.22572.22should be575.24
IX468 - 602.21civarekeshould beciwareke
IX468 - 608.21nyetsshould beNyets
IX468 - 616.21Skulksmanshould beskulksman
IX468 - 624.08Sershould beser
IX469 - 20.18dorshould beDor
IX470 - 30.10dumlatshould beDumlat
IX470 - 34.3Gammallaxarkskyshould beGamellaxarkskyall one word (HTML display limitation)
IX470 - 34.31zessidsshould beZessids
IX470 - 41.28messiaghshould beMessiagh
IX470 - 44.13collshould beColl
IX470 - 46.23-24 reference in third columnsee 32.4should besee 34.3
IX470 - 50.14Laveyshould beLevey
IX470 - 78.078.0should be78.8
IX471 - 201.30olaphshould beOlaph
IX471 - 201.30lammetshould belamm et
IX471 - 226.30seraphshould besheraph
IX471 - 256.34256.34should be256.35
IX471 - 259.10259.10should be258.10
IX472 - FW 14.18 3rd column line 314.18should be14.8
IX472 - FW 283.28283.28.9should be283.28-9
IX472 - FW 289.14 third column126.4should be176.4
IX472 - FW 329.26329.26should be329.36
IX472 - FW 336.20shin shin
shin shin
should beshinshin
IX472 - FW 340.27roshashonaralshould beroshashanaral
IX472 - FW 358.18Meschiameschianashould beMeschiameschianah
IX472 - FW 366.18Melekmannsshould beMelekmansall one word (HTML display limitation)
IX473 - FW 414.24414.24should be414.25
IX473 - FW 417.12Hosannashould beHosana
IX473 - FW 417.25417.25should be417.21
IX473 - FW 425.33425.33should be425.23
IX473 - FW 423.16 scroll end of sofas423.16should be433.16
IX473 - FW 423.16 scroll end of sofas third column114.18should be114.26
IX473 - FW 423.16 Coll423.16should be433.16
IX473 - FW 453.22poshould bePo
IX473 - FW 455.22455.22should be455.23
IX473 - FW 471.24seraphsshould beseraph's
IX473 - FW 471.24 third column180.10should be182.10
IX473 - FW 498.32498.32should be498.33
IX473 - FW 498.32 third column180.10should be182.10
IX473 - FW 533.8Lambethshould beLambeyth
IX474 - FW 587.31brissshould beBriss
IX474 - FW 590.13590.13should be590.17
IX474 - FW 606.10 third column180.10should be182.10
IX474 - FW 607.8 third column188.30should be186.30
IX474 - FW 627.3imlamayashould beImlamayaall one word (HTML display limitation)
IX474 - Aleph:19.8 Ollavesshould be19.8 Olives
IX474 - Aleph:201.30 olephshould be201.30 Olaph
IX474 - Aleph:242.31 allephshould be242.31 allaph
IX474 - Aleph:352.32 Allafshould be352.34 Allaf
IX474 - Bet:290.6 Mac Bethshould be290.6 Mac-Beth
IX474 - Bet:533.8 Lambethshould be533.8 Lambeyth
IX474 - Gimel:19.8 gimmelsshould be19.8 kimmels
IX474 - Gimel:290.7 Mac Ghimelyshould be290.7 MacGhimley
IX474 - Daled:20.17 dalethshould be20.17 Daleth
IX474 - Daled:290.9 Mac Dollettshould be20.17 MacDollett
IX474 - Yod:485.5 yodshould be485.5 Yod
IX475 - Lamed:246.16should be249.16
IX475 - Lamed:533.8 lambethshould be533.8 Lambeyth
IX475 - Mem:242.28 memshould be242.28 Mem
IX475 - Shin:336.20 shin shin shin shinshould be336.20 shinshin shinshin
IX475 - Tav:132.17 Tavshould be132.17 tav
IX588 line 13'withshould be'With
IX592 - FW 194.18cubiliumshould becubilibum
IX592 - FW 228.13lodacirclesshould belodascircles
IX594 - FW 600.31this shamshould bethis shame
IX598 line 13aulne and allsallshould beaulne and lithial and allsall
IX6104 line 23FW 66.27should beFW 66.28
X15 line 11colideorscapeshould becollideorscape
X16 line 16 from the bottom of the pageforshould before
X16 line 10 from bottom of pagecommunisershould becommoniser
X17 line 4598.27should be598.29
X17 line 6of antipathiesshould beof their antipathies
X18 line 10 from bottom of page100.34should be100.35
X112 footnote 43369.3should be469.3
X229 FW ref 541.1Braid Blockfordrockshould beremove second missspelled entry
X335 line 24 from bottom of pagetheshould beThe
X338 line 18 from bottom of pagequestuonshould bequestuan
X338 line 18 from bottom of pageMonkmessaragshould beMonkmesserag
X338 line 4 from bottom of page63.07should be63.10
X347 line 1fiftinesshould beFiftines
X461 line 14There wereshould beThere was
X574 line 29(127.7,8)should be(126.7,8)
X686 line 28Only caulshould beOnly the caul
X689 line 5naharshould benahars
XI228 line 6563.01should be536.01
XI340 line 5"No hang you"should be"No, hang you"
XI340 line 10 from bottom of pageMacJeffetshould beMac Jeffet
XI341 line 20"Ubi pop"should be"Ubipop"
XI341 line 21Whereshould bewhere
XI342 line 6nivershould benever
XI343 point 5backspilledshould bebachspilled
XI343 point 78.26should be098.26
XI343 point 7273.5should be273.6
XI343 point 7443.12should be443.13
XI347 line 741.21should be41.30-31
XI348 line 7 from bottom of pagegaintsshould begiants
XI349 line 4 from bottom of pageshow there"should beshowthers"
XI350 line 12 from bottom of pagewhiteshould beWhite
XI350 line 11 from bottom of pageredshould beRed
XI350 line 8 from bottom of pagepink prophetsshould bepinkprophets
XI351 line 10 from bottom of pageFirst, Itshould beFirst, it
XI465 note on 101.26*pratschtatsshould bepratschkats
XI465 note on 102.19*ogowdnyk'sshould beogrowdnyk's
XI469 last line'terracuta'should be'Terracuta'
XI472 note on .31 line 450.15should be50.16
XI472 note on .32 line 3 last wordShameshould beshame
XI473 note on 535.7 line 4liviniasshould belavinias
XI475 line 9 from bottom of page(330.29)should be(330.30)
XI475 line 9 from bottom of page'twwinns'should be'Twwinns'
XI581 line 3breechshould bebreach
XI583 line 3(85.06)should be(85.07)
XI583 line 24"lieberetter"should be"lieberretter"
XI583 line 42assumeshould beassune
XI583 line 45yourdelete
XI583 line 46arrahbejeeshould bearrahbeejee
XI584 line 9good entymologyshould begood smetterling of entymology
XI584 line 12helpshould beholp
XI584 line 15Baptiseshould beBaptiste
XI584 line 19in libertyshould beto liberties
XI586 line 26as a portableshould beas portable
XI587 last lineit lackshould beit lacks
XI697 line 3 from bottom of page305.02should be307.02
XI6104 line 12backshould bebuck
XI6104 line 21Jowlsshould bejowls
XI6104 line 22Jowlsshould bejowls
XI6106 line 11strangelyshould beStrangely
XI6107 line 11 from bottom of page285.05should be284.05
XII13 line 9 from bottom of pagesquarishshould beSquarish
XII13 last lineDuggelduggleshould beDuggelduggel
XII14 line 13 from bottom of pageOllofashould beOlofa
XII18 point 3 line 1withershould beWither
XII115 last line of textFW 53.1should beFW 53.3
XII221 line 1219should be18two footnote 19s
XII221 line 14doctor insularisshould bedoctor insularis
XII229 first paragraph 'two notes' line 1lines 26-27should belines 27-28
XII233 line 3wonderladshould bewanderlad
XII233 line 3 of 'Noble Tree'crossexaminationshould becrossexanimation
XII460 line 12smutty flesksshould besmuttyflesks
XII460 line 18comestippleshould beComestipple
XII460 line 41an objectionable ... the pipeshould bea objectionable ... a pipe
XII461 line 24em!should beem.
XII461 line 8 from bottom of pagea snakeshould beasnake
XII461 line 2 from bottom of page(64.22)should be(64.23)
XII462 line 10sappertillaryshould besappertillery
XII462 line 13 from bottom of pageterrorisedshould beterrorized
XII468 line 8 from bottom of pageeyeful entowerlyshould beeyeful hoyth entowerly
XII469 line 13Fakeshould befake
XII471 line 5 frombottom of page559should be599
XII579 line 7 from bottom of pageLarry is inshould beLarry's on
XII480 line 3Starloe!'should beStarloe!'7
XII580 line 14(382.23)should be(382.28)
XII581 line 24(175.20)should be(173.20)
XII581 line 25(175.02)should be(173.02)
XII583 line 16 from bottom of page'Cruskeen Lawn'.should be'Cruskeen Lawn'.2
XII591 line 5 from bottom of pageCockalorraloomenosshould beCockalooralooraloomenos
XII592 line 4momonianshould beMomonian
XII592 line 4 from bottom of page466.24should be466.27
XII6106 line 11 from bottom of page(hypnos chilia eonion!)should be(hypnos chilia eonion!)
XII6106 line 6 from bottom of pageyoushould beyow
XIII19 line 13Now for the long formshould beNow the long form
XIII19 line 14all togethershould bealltogether
XIII19 line 15 from the bottom of page(cf. 39.14)should be(cf. 39.16)
XIII114 line 13 from the bottom of pageMiltonfirldshould beMiltonfield
XIII115 line 20383.27fshould be382.27

Errors in Electronic Edition

VII683 running headVII No. 5should beVII No. 6
VII690 line 5 from bottom of page mabshould bemah
VII691 line 5 in 'Podatus' articledumb-foundershould be dumbfounder
VIII18 line 6 from bottom of page Snap I'llshould be Snap! I'll
VIII219 line 14uiniverseshould beuniverse
VIII219 line 173should be3.
VIII223 line 10Cap-punchersshould beCappunchers
VIII223 note 1 line 3analist.should beanalist
VIII224 'Dutch in FW' line 10Lackerbissenshould beLeckerbissen
VIII224 Knuth I.1 5.13 eigealijkshould be5.13 eigenlijk
VIII224 Knuth I.4 84.30 moddervatershould be84.30 modderwater
VIII335 line 16.36 vilesshould be.36 vlies
VIII335 line 17200.07 maudshould be 200.07 maud
VIII335 line 27sebriftshould beschrift
VIII335 line 29borgenshould beborgen
VIII335 line 32Iangzaamshould belangzaam
VIII336 line 12 from bottom of pagemeldshould bemeid
VIII337 line 22243.02should be248.02
VIII337 line 22spiegelshould bespiegel
VIII338 line 11.31 gashould be.31 ga
VIII338 bottom of the page38should beomit extra page number
VIII339 line 7301.FSshould be 301.F5
VIII339 line 2 from bottom of pagester; starshould be ster, star
VIII340 line 23.24 dandshould be.24 daad
VIII342 line 21 from bottom of pagebaarshould behaar
VIII343 line 14VI.B'.22should be VI.B.22
VIII343 line 22.10 ande;should be.10 ander,
VIII458 line 11bilkshould beblik
VIII568 line 6 from bottom of the pageBlastshould be(Blast
VIII575 line 12(1 57.8should be(157.8
VIII690 line 3 from bottom of pagehow-evershould behowever
VIII693 line 3 from bottom of pagefuflyshould befully
IX1Title pageFebruary,) 1972should beFebruary, 1972
IX113 quote FW140:8-1paupulationshould bepaùpulation
IX219 line 8approxirnateshould beapproximate
IX221 B.4 line 4 third column111.4should beIII.4
IX335 line 11evervoneshould beeveryone
IX339 line 8 from bottom of pagecome-silencersshould becomesilencers
IX340 line 9in-tempestuousshould beintempestuous
IX455 - FW 156.11Nationa1should beNationalReplace number one with lower-case l
IX456 - FW 193.17R.igryshould beR.igry
IX456 - FW 202.02sudrevershould besubsever
IX464 - FW 411.18mulshould bemuyAWN original has muj which is also wrong
IX467 - FW 564.21Listmethshould beListenethListneth in original
IX472 top of the pageJoyce'swordshould beJoyce's word
IX581 line 20 from the bottom of the pageaccordingiyshould beaccordingly
IX589 second line from the bottom of the pagelake-mistshould belakemist
IX591 hyphenated wordamply-heavingshould beamplyheavingdeceptive line break
IX591 hyphenated wordTempletomb-mountshould beTempletombmountdeceptive line break
IX596 line 7 from the bottom of the pagehorilfiedshould behorrified
IX598 line 4Home Tookeshould beHorne Tooke
IX598 line 19fromshould befrom
IX6104 line 23Cox'sshould beCox's
IX6104 line 27Laagueshould beLeague
IX6106 paragraph about FW 303 line 2chawlesesshould beChawleses
IX6107 paragraph about FW 420 line 1JettyPiersseshould beJetty Piersse
IX6107 paragraph about FW 420 line 231 Jun 13should be31 jun. 13
IX6107 paragraph about FW 526 line 1fayboysshould befayboys
IX6114 second paragraph line 3Dreameolohourshould beDreamcolohour
X18 line 17unbridiedshould beunbridled
X112 footnote 40ftomshould befrom
X221 Note 6Qur anshould beQur'anretain line over letter a (HTML limitation)
X342 line 10Russirchesshould beRussisches
X453 point 4 line 5Farlyshould beEarly
X457 line 14cross-brcedshould becross-breed
X463 Song line 5Thebedshould beThe bed
X465 line 6 from bottom of pagealiudedshould bealluded
X466 line 2schoohouseshould beschoolhouse
X569 line 9brotherswarringshould bebrothers warring
X570 line 20Jeffshould bejeff
X570 last lineToifeethiefshould beToffeethief
X571 line 24wedshould beused
X571 line 6 from bottom of pageJupshould bejup
X575 line 10 from bottom of pageSoldiersArmsshould beSoldiers Arms
X578 line 5(?78.1 5ff)should be(?78.15ff)
X578 second article line 1TheAnalystshould beThe Analyst
X579 line 6 from bottom of page(30.1 5)should be(30.15)
X686 line 8 from bottom of page(269.11)should be(269.17)
X690 line 13 last columnmymothershould bemy mother
X695 line 3Uyssesshould beUlysses
XI224 line 13 from the bottom of pageItallanshould beItallian
XI225 line 8 from the bottom of the pagesham-rockshould beshamrock
XI227 first line3should be3
XI228 line 18defmedshould bedefined
XI228 line 30defmitionsshould bedefinitions
XI230 line 21Heigho!Heigho!should beHeigho! Heigho!
XI340 line 6Tarpejashould beTarpeia
XI344 extra page numberdelete
XI347 line 7Afterawhileshould beAfter a while
XI348 line 17 from bottom of pageNoah.figureshould beNoah-figure
XI349 line 15othewiseshould beotherwise
XI351 line 10wicklow-patternshould bewicklowpattern
XI351 line 11figure-headshould befigurehead
XI3Colophon pageNew Series Volume XIV
Number 3, June 1977
should beNew Series Volume XI
Number 3, June 1974
XI459 line 6subsequenilyshould besubsequently
XI459 line 2 from bottom of pageItshould beit
XI460 line 10 from bottom of pageinfrnityshould beinfinity
XI467 note on 351.14Scalanthas!should beSczlanthas!
XI468 line 7 from bottom of pageSaut' Altoshould beSant' Alto
XI472 line 3orshould befor
XI474 links to page NS IV 4 page 74should beNS XI 4 page 74
XI483 line 42kisslershould bekissier
XI484 line 19generaishould begeneral
XI484 line 33underpianingsshould beunderpinnings
XI490 line 5Lashould beLe
XI693 line 4signlficanceshould besignificance
XI693 line 23'rn'should be'ern'
XI694 line 7 from bottom of pagesarneshould besame
XI696 line 3narnshould benam
XI698 line 39Jeffsshould beJeff's
XI698 line 45wallshould bewill
XI6101 line 22timê'should betimê
XI6109 line 21 from bottom of pagevalveshould bevulve
XII111 second line from bottom of pagemomenturnshould bemomentum
XII225 line 9herseifshould beherself
XII226 line 1oniyshould beonly
XII230 line 10 from bottom of pageNut Thisshould beNut. This
XII345 FW 54.12 line 5Thank you'should be'Thank you'
XII460 line 28faskersshould beflaskers
XII461 line 13sons.should besons. 7
XII461 line 18tertlumshould betertium
XII461 line 2 from bottom of page(87,35, 420,08,should be(87.35, 420.08,
XII461 line 1 from bottom of pageoftheshould beof the
XII465 line 4hesitants.should behesitants ...
XII465 line 23Nethescrossshould beNethercross
XII465 line 27Nethererossshould beNethercross
XII466 line 9 from bottom of pagewikinsesshould bewilkinses
XII469 line 16offshould beoff
XII470 line 14erigeratingshould beerigenating
XII470 line 19the~should betheopart of full word 'theologians'
XII471 line 6skistsshould beskirts
XII472 line 4Camel)should beGame!)
XII472 line 8 from bottom of page(276.14)should be(276.L4)
XII473 line 1291,F6should be291.F6
XII474 line 11gioryshould beglory
XII580 line 11Storieliashould beStoriella
XII582 line 101should beI
XII586 line 1403.05should be403.08
XII589 'The Boy Cotton' line 1aireadyshould bealready
XII593 line 13Saltairshould beSaltiar
XII595 line 9flindshould befind
XII6105 line 3 from bottom of pagespelllngshould bespelling
XII6106 line 3However, notshould beHowever, 'not
XII6107 footnote 3 line 1roundshould befound
XII6110 line 18Engllshshould beEnglish
XII6111 line 7 from bottom of pageplarsch!should beplatsch
XII6114 footnote 1 line 4assertorircheshould beassertorische
XIII19 line 13should bepage 8-16 move a line up
XIII110 line 21wlllshould bewill
XIII111 footnote 3Jun gshould beJung
XIII114 line 21(568.2 1)should be(568.21)